Licensing & Partnering

In today’s highly competitive business environment, it is sometimes advisable to partner with a compatible competitor and operate jointly. Identification of suitable options, shortlisting the best-fit partners and closing the deal are the critical steps that any business manager has to take to be successful while following partnering strategy. Our in-licensing / out-licensing strategy service helps you identify the best-fit options in terms of a new product or partner for inorganic growth. With a strong team having global network in pharma as well as med-tech segments, we help you to identify right products / partners. We can also help you partner with relevant stakeholders in newer geographies to increase your global geographical footprint.

Case study 1

Client:  Spanish Derma focused company.

Business Objective:  Out-licensing to an Asian Pharma Company.

Case study 2

Client:  Domestic company specialized in Oncology.

Business Objective:  Out-licensing of a biosimilar product to an Oncology focused MNC.

Case study 3

Client:  US based client specialized in hormones therapy area.

Business Objective:  out-licensing of a Phase III product in male hypogonadism from a US company to European company.

Case study 4

Client:  Israel based medical devices company.

Business Objective (4.1):  In-licensing of portfolio of 3 different medical devices from Israel company to an Asian med-device player.

Business Objective (4.2):  In-licensing of high end medical devices from a leading Israeli medical devices company to an Asian medical device player.

Case study 5

Client:  US based Derma focused company

Business Objective:  In-licensing of trans-dermal drug delivery from a US company to a leading Asian company.

Case study 6

Client:  Mid-sized Pharma company

Business Objective:  Identification of global licensing opportunities for mid-sized Pharma company for in-licensing.

Outcome:   We identified eligible partners based upon inclusion / exclusion criteria like existing portfolio, operating model in target market, sales force size and deployment, future growth plans, external stakeholder opinion about partner, etc. Further evaluation of identified partners was done on the basis of one to one discussions with the management teams, leading to shortlisting of 3-5 best fit partners and face to face meeting between two entities. We also provided our support in terms of closing the deal and helped in out-licensing.

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M&A Due Diligence

Inorganic growth strategies have played a key role in today’s highly competitive business environment, with last decade witnessing a spate of such activities at company level as well as at product level. We have seen such strategies succeed and fail as well. This underlines the need to identify the right strategy based upon strong insights.

Our M&As and Divestment (for brands as well as at organizational level) services focus on increasing the market access, diversifying holdings, pre-empting competition, incorporating synergies. We look at various economical scenarios and arrive at the right and affordable price. Further we also provide due diligence looking at company’s status, focus on customers, finances, long-term potential, legal issues, etc. Lastly, we also recommend on exit strategies in terms of timing as well as divestment as a part / at a full organizational level.

Case study 1

Client:  Investor wanting to assess operating model of an upcoming player in Nephrology segment.

Business Objective:  Due diligence support.

Outcome:   Detailed feedback from Nephrologists about company’s operating model; Assessment of company’s model vis-à-vis adherence to local regulations; Overall customer support for current portfolio of that company.

Case study 2

Client:  Investor wanting to evaluate target company’s focused on Oncology and Critical Care.

Business Objective:  Due diligence support.

Outcome:   KOL feedback on the long-term usage potential of company’s products; Identification of margins provided by competition; Overall awareness, perception and usage about target company amongst the KOLs in Oncology and Critical Care segments .

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Profiling Innovative Startups

Disruptors, niche product development companies, startups are creating a new wave of growth in the market. Though, large companies invest in cutting edge R&D, it is unable to match the speed at which the disruptive world is moving and imbibe the best practices and opportunities. This is a great opportunity for healthcare companies, if they can channel this stream into their business world. We can help you to champion this in your organization.

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