Cost Reduction

Reducing cost is critical for achieving high growth. Be it in government or private sector, reducing cost is the MANTRA that we hear, every year. If you have to reduce cost, it typically involves identifying the wastages, analyzing the processes, benchmarking with competitors, suggesting appropriate processes & technologies to reduce costs, measuring the effect. It requires a detailed analysis of your company’s cost structure, value chain, overheads, procurement and logistics. This combined with an external assessment will help you to develop a sustainable cost reduction strategy and program.

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Profit Maximization

Profit maximization will involve developing growth strategies, identifying the high potential opportunities & developing operational excellence initiatives. Our services will help to identify revenue streams & its segments by product, category, channel, region and customer type, etc.

Further identification of external factors influencing profits/ loss & determining their strength and association will help to develop revolving strategies, which could help you to create more value in your product, more effective sales force execution plans, effective marketing channels/programs and most importantly, ensuring delivery of higher value to the end customer.

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Business Turnaround

A combination of activities from various services that we offer, particularly services performed in reducing cost and increasing profitability. Our turnaround services encompass in-depth understanding of your organization i.e. its goals (short-term & long-term), strategies & business plan, talent pool & company culture. This is followed by developing a turnaround plan including evaluation of products, services & finances, prioritization strategy, funding strategy.

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Regulatory Consulting

Healthcare companies have to deal with a variety of regulatory & legal requirements which vary from country to country and product types.

Understanding the regulatory landscape is very important, as changes in the regulatory landscape may cause an impact to pricing, revenue, product continuity etc.. With proper understanding of the regulatory landscape, you could build different business scenarios to overcome some of the barriers that you may face time to time. You would want to overcome these barriers without having to invest more or by just tweaking the product/end use application or just changing the communication language etc.

We also support clients in terms of regulatory / dossier management, studying regulatory landscape of new markets, approval filings, etc.

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CSR Roadmap Assessment / Planning

With the growing importance of having a transformative social responsibility program, companies are interested in investing in great CSR programs or assess the existing programs for its success and impact in the society.

Many times, the challenges faced by the companies include ; the lack of understanding about the unmet needs of the community in which the company would like to invest in a good CSR activity, what are the measurable aspects that need to be tracked, lack of assessment of an existing program - which helps to learn about the gaps, areas for further improvement, avoidable mistakes etc.

We recommend a comprehensive market assessment approach model to help companies in implementing great CSR programs, which helps to bring meaningful changes to the society.

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